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Lonely Beach is a small and secluded Beach Bungalow Resort, situated at a bay in the North of Koh Rong, one of the most beautiful Cambodian islands. An undeveloped island, situated in the Gulf of Thailand, covered by forest, with a coastline of breathtaking beauty and lonely beaches of white sand. Lonely Beach is a perfect tropical island getaway, surrounded by forest and sea.6133aIMG_7187


Beach Bungalows with sea view. Alone standing and without immediate neighbours. Boat Transfer from Sihanoukville to your bungalow at Lonely Beach. Restaurant and Bar. Barbecue. Boat Tours along the coast. Fishing. Jungle Tours. Swimming and snorkeling in the gentle water of the Gulf of Thailand. Exploring the reefs of the bay. Or just contemplating the beauty of nature. Admiring spectaluar sunsets. And at night a bath in fluorescent water under sparkling stars. Listen to the fascinating sounds of the jungle at night. 

Welcome to Lonely Beach Koh Rong!


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